Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wealth Magnetz by Regina Ruf

Wealth Magnetz

     OK, I admit it: I judged a book by its cover. Or by its title, actually. Yes, it’s true – when I picked up a copy of “Wealth Magnetz” by Regina Ruf, I immediately assumed it was another “Think and Grow Rich” book. But I heard that Regina was living in the Tamarindo area, so I decided to give it a try. Boy, was I wrong! By the third page, she had taught me just how wrong I could be. The book is a guide for “abundant living”, including monetary wealth, but really focuses on taking responsibility for your life and propelling it toward your own set goals.
     The book is comprised of short, manageable chapters in alphabetical sequence, from A through Z, and each chapter opens with a short affirmation, which I found inspirational. The sequencing also makes the book easy to use as a constant reference once you’ve read through it, to go back and touch on points that are pertinent to you at the moment. Some of the points and practices are things I already do, but they’ve been encapsulated in the book in a way that was new to me.
     Regina told me the book “came out fairly quickly, after about four or five month’s work writing it”. Her inspiration came in a seminar she attended by Mark Victor Hansen, who said that everyone had at least one book in them. She knew at that point that “Wealth Magnetz” was hers to write. She also told me that her motivation to write the book is her love for people and indeed, she continually espouses the rewards for giving back in this book. She is good at making her points clear, with her “inspirational pushes”, what I called her timely bluntness and she refers to as “loving kicks in the butt”. I also like her style of presenting a concept, then demonstrating it with plain simple examples. An example of her examples: If someone said they’d pay you a million dollars to cross the same road a thousand different ways, you would get creative and come up with that many ways, right?
     The book is a source of positive reinforcement and success through repetition, conviction and belief in self-worth. She is a great coach, if a person is willing to enlist her. Here again, it is the individual’s call to commit. I also like the parts where she talks about living in the moment, the only true gift of life we have, and experiencing life through unfiltered, exuberant eyes, not unlike those of a child. Toward the end of the book she writes about aspiring to move to the tropics. When I read that and knew she had followed through, I knew we were kindred spirits, of a sort.
     Regina told me she is considering a second book, that there is a potential there and she is playing with the idea. I hope she writes it so I can read it! Until then, “Wealth Magnetz” is available through her website at: www.wealthmagnetz.com and at the Jaime Peligro book store in Playa Tamarindo.
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